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Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) opened in...

Museum of the Order of St John

The Museum of the Order of St John tells the story of the Knights...

Bury Art Museum

Bury Art Museum’s collection was established in 1897 with the...

RoboCoaster Ltd.

RoboCoaster Ltd delivers a variety of high technology attractions...

Latest from Experience UK Updates from Experience UK & DIT

  • Home Futures Exhibition at the London Design Museum IKEA Museum and Design Museum Collaborate for the Future of Homes
    17th Jan 2019

    Since 1989, the Design Museum of London has been a haven for architecture and design lovers. It exhibits work incorporating all the elements of design including fashion, graphics and product...

  •  Increase in live events has led to an increase in the demand for event management agencies. Sir Harvey Goldsmith Establishes “Nvisible” Event Management Agency
    17th Jan 2019

    Harvey Goldsmith has launched an innovative agency for specialist events. Nvisible will provide entertainment and sports events in collaboration with brand experience agencies. Harvey Goldsmith...


News from the Directory The latest news from our members

  • ATS Heritage goes international with National Gallery of Ireland National Art Gallery of Ireland and ATS: A Collaboration for Art
    4th Jan 2019

    ATS is privileged to provide the Audio/Multimedia guidance for National Gallery of Ireland (NGI), heaven for art lovers. NGI quenches the thirst of approximately a million art seekers every...

  • A Royal flush for ATS Heritage ATS Heritage to Develop Multimedia Tours for Sandringham Estate
    2nd Jan 2019

    ATS Heritage has been recently appointed to develop rich multimedia guided tours for visitors exploring the Norfolk retreat of Her Majesty the Queen. The Sandringham House is a private home to the...


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