The Intellectual Property Office provides IP support overseas for creative industries
Our task is to help stimulate innovation and raise the international competitiveness of British industry through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Did you know:
• Only around 15% of UK businesses have registered a trade mark overseas and only 9% registered a patent.

IP Awareness Overseas
• Around 25% of UK businesses operating overseas cite IP as one of their biggest concerns (UKTI survey)
• The territorial nature of IP rights is not well understood
• It’s a first to file system!
• Routes for enforcing rights overseas are complex and alleged infringers often have home player advantages

IPO Support for British Businesses
• General IP advice (raising levels of business awareness)
• Online products and services including; IP Healthchecks: IP Masterclasses: IP Basics.
• Country specific advice
• Undertaking awareness events and workshops across the UK and overseas.

IPO Attachés
• Meeting UK businesses that seek advice on local IP matters
• Briefing business delegations, joint webinars with UKTI’s in-country sector leads etc
• Policy dialogue with host governments and stakeholders about  local and international IP

China:  Tom Duke,
India: Anshika Jha,
Brazil: Sheila Alves,