Herzog & De Meuron Plan to Design a New Home for Tennessee's Oldest Museum

Herzog & De Meuron Plan to Design a New Home for Tennessee's Oldest Museum

Herzog & De Meuron wins  a contest to design the new Brooks Museum of Art building.

With time, historical places also need an update that adds value for people who live around these buildings and tourist communities. This is an example of designing a new home in Tennessee's Oldest Museum.

The Competition

Herzog & De Meuron was successful in a contest that included 22 other design studios. All leading architecture firms participated in this contest, but only Herzog made it to the last stage. The firm won the opportunity of a lifetime - to design the new Brooks Museum of Art building. The Brooks Museum of Art is Tennessee's oldest and largest art museum, so this is an excellent piece of news.

The Swiss firm is working with local powerhouse Archimania. This will help in bringing the cultural institution to life by building a new, $105 million facility.

The Project

As part of a massive six-mile long development project, the upgraded Brooks Museum will no doubt be the star of the show. The entire aim of this project is to make the riverfront lively and active. This will be done through the introduction of walking paths, parks, and even areas for recreation.

The entire plan will be out next year. From what we know now, the facility will have several public galleries. There will be a separate place for their prestigious permanent collection and for temporary exhibitions.

There will be more facilities as well. These will include classrooms, a theatre, and a museum souvenir store. This all will ensure that the vibe of the original location is not lost. There is an outdoor sculpture park that is there to feature rotating public art.


The officials expect a positive response from the locals on this project. This is mostly because it is sensitive to the materials and craftsmanship.

Herzog & De Meuron is one of the leading architectural firms that work with cultural heritage. Since most of their employees are from the same area, they will be able to provide local knowledge. This information will be crucial for the success of the project. 

An understanding of the western Tennessee landscape will be extremely essential when it comes to the design of the new building, as the developers will not want to lose the identity that the building holds. The developers want to maintain a sensible approach towards this project.

Future Development

Tennessee has gone through some notable changes in recent years. The area is emerging with the rest of downtown and is becoming more progressive with time. It has an educational, cultural, and business district. Herzog & De Meuron wants the Brooks Museum to compliment that. It will not only encourage development locally, but will attract visitors from all areas of Tennessee. Not only that, but the aim is also to bring in visitors from Northeast Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi.

With such projects, we see an increase in redesigning old spaces or adding other components into it. It is a challenging task because you do not want to destroy cultural heritage by making the new changes overpowering. Therefore, it is essential for good architecture firms likes Herzog to come on board and work on such initiatives. This upgrading brings many benefits for the local community as well.