Dubai's Aquaventure Park Goes Under Major Expansion

Dubai's Aquaventure Park Goes Under Major Expansion

Dubai’s Atlantic Aquaventure to introduce the Trident Tower

Tourism in Dubai gets more exciting with this news. If you love water adventures, then this is for you. Dubai’s Atlantic Aquaventure will undergo expansion and should be ready by 2020. There are more fun water rides in the plans that will ensure the most exceptional level of entertainment for you and your loved ones.

Save up and prepare for your next year’s getaway, because this Aquaventure will be done with developments by the year 2020.

New Developments

In addition to the rides that are already there, they are introducing the Trident Tower. It will have a new range of rides like ProSlide and MammothBlast. With water propulsion technology, you get to experience gravity-defying rides.

There will be a lot of upgrades in the old slides as well. For instance, the Leap of Faith will be faster and deeper this time.

The developers have planned several new rides for children as well. So you will see mini versions of ProSlide rides.

For relaxation purposes, you can experience the lazy river. This is a slow ride with many twists and turns. It allows you to chill and observe Dubai’s skyline. If you are someone who does not like intensive thrilling rides, then this is definitely for you. There is something for everyone in their expansion plan.

The expansion does not end at new rides. They will introduce new luxury hotel rooms and advanced swimming pools that have a rooftop sky pool.

The aim is to extend Dubai’s water park by 30 percent and make it the world’s biggest water park.

New Vision

The representatives of Atlantis Aquaventure shared that they aim to give their guests the best experience possible. They want to go with a vision that caters to the needs of every kind of person.

If you are a thrill-seeker, you will have plenty to do at this park. And if you want to have a sweet get away from your monotonous life and relax, then it is still the place for you.

Atlantis Aquaventure wants to be the biggest name in this business, which is why it is focusing on more innovative and exciting rides. Not only this, but it also plans to attract the kind of audience that would generally stay away from a park like this.