The New Angry Bird Game Features AR

The New Angry Bird Game Features AR

The Angry Birds Are Back with a Vengeance

The smash hit mobile game Angry Birds is back with its latest edition of the mobile phone game. Its Finnish makers, Rovio, made the game available for pre order last month and it is now available for a free download on the App Store. The latest edition of the game has been titled Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs.

The Angry Birds Are Back with a Vengeance

The addictive mobile phone game is back with some amazing upgrades. This time around, the game has embedded augmented reality into the game-play to make the whole gaming experience even more immersive and addictive.

The game has been downloaded over 3 billion times in the 10 years since it first came out, which makes it a phenomenally successful game series. The game has been adapted for movies, theme parks, and even toys, and has developed a huge fan following around the world as a brand.


The new AR features capitalises on the advanced tech capabilities of the latest iPhones and iPads. The ARKit technology in iPhones allows the game developers to incorporate Augmented Reality into the gaming experience. The game uses the phones camera to overlay real world objects across different levels of the game to make it really interactive.

Since the game has been designed using the Apple ARKit technology, it is so far only compatible with iOS devices. iPhone 6s later models as well as iPad 5th generation and later models all support the game. Therefore, as of now the game is an iOS exclusive and is not available on Android platforms. The makers, Rovio, are exploring the possibility of making it available on Android as well so there could be an Android version of the game coming out soon as well.

What’s New?

Augmented reality and an even more immersive game-play is the obvious new feature. The game play takes the player through the Isle of Pigs, a remote island where that stretches over 40 levels. The player will meets some of the iconic birdie characters from the first edition, set in a more realistic environment than ever before. The new version with its AR capabilities will allow players of the game to move about the 3D buildings and experience each level from exciting new angles and perspectives.

The game will require constant WiFi or data connectivity, and some of the additional content has to be downloaded as well as the game progresses.

The AR Experience

The exciting AR capabilities embedded in the new game allow players to physically walk around buildings layered onto real objects in the player’s physical environment. They can locate certain elements, figure our best angles for accuracy, or explore the hidden treasures or objects that will be useful in the game.

All in all, this will provide an unmatched immersive experience as the AR capability allows the engagement with favourite characters and game-play dynamics like never before.