New London Resort Theme Park Back on Track

New London Resort Theme Park Back on Track

The London Resort

The London Resort Holding Company announced that things are back on track with their London theme park project. The proposed project is going to be called The London Resort, and it will take almost five years before it finally opens to the public.

The exact details about the project are still shrouded in mystery; however, what’s certain is that it is a multi-billion-pound global destination theme park in the making as the ITV Studios signed a deal with the London Resort Holding Company a few days ago.

The partnership will bring ITV Studio’s world famous content and characters to life in the form of themed attractions in one of the largest immersive themed resorts in the world.  Precise details shall be out as applications are submitted to Gravesham and Dartford councils.

The Scale of Things

The entertainment facility is said to host two parks spread over 535 acres of land. That is an area about the size 136 Wembley stadiums put together.

The colossal scale of the park will make it at least 3 times larger than any other park in the UK, and will naturally make one of the largest construction projects in Europe. It is estimated that it shall create over 30,000 jobs contributing substantially to the UK economy.

200 acres alone are said to be dedicated to rides, experiences, and a customised entertainment district that will be committed to a full range of hospitality experiences including 3,500 hotel rooms for visitors to stay in.

A Brief History

The resort was initially to be themed around characters and content from Paramount Pictures with the mega studio lending its name and brands to the rides and attractions across the planned facility. The much hyped and high profile project was in jeopardy as Paramount pictures pulled out of it suddenly in 2017.

However, top management at the London Resort Company is hopeful that things will be on track as they have signed a multi billion pound deal with ITV Studios.

ITV Studios too are elated and optimistic about the exciting prospect of the largest theme park in UK which will see some of their iconic characters and content come alive and provide fans with an entirely new avenue to connect with their brand.

TV Attractions

The high profile and ambitious venture will bring attractions at the entertainment facility based on extremely popular children series such as Thunderbirds and Robozuna.

The robot-fighting chronicles and its famous characters are extremely popular among kids across the UK as well as abroad, and the facility will provide a one-of-its-kind immersive experience to fans.

Other Entertainment

The planned facility is to be the largest in UK for a reason; there is more to it than just a theme park. Besides the fifty rides and attractions based on various films and TV show attractions, there shall be 3500 hotel rooms along with nightclubs, cinemas, events, and exhibitions.  A number of BBC favourites such as Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Top Gear are also likely to be featured at the park.