Plans for London’s Ambitious New Music Venue Unveiled

Plans for London’s Ambitious New Music Venue Unveiled

New Music Venue to be built in London

Home to some of the biggest names in music such as the Rolling stones, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and to the busiest music arenas such as the O2, London seems all set to add another world class music venue to its portfolio. The details for the ambitious project have surfaced, as the makers of the venue, MSG (Madison Square Garden) Company, submitted plans to the London authorities. MSG, the company behind the iconic Madison Square Garden arena in New York, is all set to make its first entry into the UK entertainment market.

The sphere-shaped, one-of-its-kind musical arena will be spread on an expansive 4.7 acres in the middle of Stratford district of the Newham borough of greater London. The facility will be a venue for concerts, conferences, sporting events and will have parks, outdoor gyms, night clubs as well as shopping areas.

The master plan for the facility was the work of an established stadium architecture firm, the Populous, known for the world-famous Wembley stadium. The investment once completed, is estimated to generate about 2.7 billion pounds for the UK economy.

The most striking feature is the spherical shape of the planned venue. The sphere will add a futuristic city touch right out of a science fiction film to Stratford, with its LED panels broadcasting concert footage and advertisements in high definition.

An array of revolutionary technology is expected to be employed to create the best of immersive experience. Things such as a hepatic flooring system to convey the bass, the best in sound and acoustics and screens offering the highest resolutions will all be found here. Other exciting offerings would include wireless connectivity, enabling a varied range of content for the guest to enhance the entertainment and provide a truly immersive experience.

The main venue at the MSG Sphere’s would offer a capacity of 17,500 which can be scaled up to 21,500 with a mix of seated and standing attendees. The height of the planned project is told to be 90 meters, which will make it one of the tallest structures in Stratford.

Moreover, the facility plans to offer smaller music clubs and night clubs, retail spaces, parks and restaurants.

The planned arena aims  to go beyond just a music arena as the submitted plan offers a receptive venue for theatre, , conferences, immersive cinema,  corporate events, sports and e- sporting events,  as well as with smaller musical venues to promote grass-root talent. The MSG sphere will be a hub of entertainment and be home to an extensive variety of content and varied audiences. 

Image source: Twitter post by MSG London