Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Expo 2019, Bigger and Better

Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Expo 2019, Bigger and Better

DEAL Middle East Promises to be bigger and better for 2019

Dubai has a flair for setting records it seems. Home to world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, the city seems determined to also make its mark as the entertainment and leisure hub of the world. It’s preparing to hold the illustrious Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Expo, which will showcase how it means business.

Better known by its acronym, DEAL, the Expo has successfully provided, for the past two decades, a place setting for all those in the entertainment and leisure business to connect with each other.

From exhibitors such as entertainment owners, amusement park operators to franchisees, licensees and regulatory agencies, all have benefitted from the expo as it helps shape and grow the industry both regionally, as well as globally.

Last year, DEAL saw 300 exhibitors from 40 countries, with 93% meeting their sales targets. The attendees came from 102 countries, 59% of whom were the top level management of their companies. 

UK company Rainbow Productions enjoyed a sucessful show in 2018

The Big Deal About DEAL 2019

DEAL 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the event.  It is the sole entertainment and leisure show in the Middle East and Africa region as well as the largest outside of USA. Promised to be bigger and better than before, it is expected to exhibit the most innovative and novel products in the entertainment industry, such as the virtual reality gaming, 9d rides and 12d cinemas.

A vital part of the DEAL, the Amusement Operator and Franchise Showcase (AOFS) connects brand owners, franchisees, licensees and regulatory agencies to create global awareness among investors and discuss novel and innovative ideas with global implications.

Statistics point out that almost 60 percent of global visitors to the Expo are top management who make decisions for their companies. This number is expected to soar this year as Saudi Arabia is opening up to the entertainment industry and there is surge in demand from the African region.

Another UK company Video Booth Systems showcasing their products 

Bright Prospects

DEAL 2019 promises to continue to promote the growth of entertainment industry in the MENA region. Dubai has established itself as a leisure and entertainment hub in the region and a major tourist spot globally due to its advantageous geographic location. Research predicts UAE’s tourism industry to grow to $56 billion by 2022.

Huge players such as the Warner Brothers are already investing in the entertainment sector in Abu Dhabi. Following its model, even neighbours are on course to diversify their oil dependant economies as Saudi Arabia is building its own Neon city project in the desert  and is opening up to entertainment. 

This is today the only region investing billions of dollars in the entertainment sector. As a result, the DEAL 2019 will see an influx of potential customers from the region for all the exhibitors from across the globe.

DEAL takes place from March 25 - 27 at the Dubai World Trade Centre,  to register as an exhibitor, please visit the event website.