The Robot Science Museum to be built in Seoul

The Robot Science Museum to be built in Seoul

The Robot Science Museum that will build itself

With its virtual stores, tech-savvy population, and technology infused into every aspect of its metro life, Seoul has rightly been termed as the “city of the future”. The latest embellishment to its unofficial reputation comes in the shape of the Robot Science Museum that is due to be completed by 2022.

The most fascinating thing about this project is that it builds itself.  The museum will be built using robots and drones making use of artificial intelligence and 3d printing. A look at the snapshot of work in progress at the museum will bring up images from the science fiction movies depicting a futuristic high tech world.

The museum will operate as part of Seoul Metropolitan Museum under the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It will be located in the Chang Dong District and will serve as a highlight of the new cultural centre.

An exhibition of a construction

Although the museum is due to be completed by 2022, the construction exhibition will be opened to public in 2020.

The construction process, one-of-its-kind, will make use robots to design and build the balloon-like metal façade of the building. A team robots will also 3D-print the concrete to construct the outer perimeters of the museum’s premises.

Drones will be employed to allow aerial mapping, site inspection and to control the robotic vehicles at work - they will also provide the security surveillance for the facility.

Why this makes sense

First, the automation of the whole construction process will save both time and money.

Second, this shall shed spotlight on the prospects of the robotics right from the building phase.

Third, as a result, this shall play a substantial role in promoting, science and innovation across the society.


The design itself is something of an innovation. The ovoid shaped, 2500-square-meter spherical structure will allow a non-directional relationship within the structure which will take the visitors throughout the museum and expose them to a range of technological marvels that it holds including Artificial intelligence, holograms, augmented reality etc.

The makers

Melike Altınışık architects (MAA) is a Turkish firm. It has made a name for itself by taking up high tech projects such as the 882-foot Küçük Çamlıca TV and Radio Tower, currently underway in Istanbul.

The specific details about the kind of technology, in terms of robots and drones that will be employed shall soon be made public.

The significance of the museum

Robots have previously been actively employed in construction projects. However the Robot Science Museum and its autonomous construction will ambitiously push the boundaries in that field. It will serve as potent hub of technology affording technology enthusiasts as well as the general public to acquaint with the latest in science, technology and robotics.

It will also provide learning opportunities with its in depth training courses on the latest technology and innovation, and may well become the harbinger of a new era in science and tech.