Saudi Arabia’s Major Construction Plans in 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Major Construction Plans in 2019

Saudi Arabia’s Major Construction Plans in 2019

The Saudi government is making huge investments in various construction projects that are aimed at promoting development in the country. The projects announced this year are mainly related to energy, tourisum, infrastructure and transport. All these projects are expected to stimulate the economy and boost job creation. The strategy of investing in such projects is a key to the Kingdom’s economy.

Here are the top 20 construction projects that you need to keep an eye on in Saudi Arabia.

1. Neom

Neom city is one of the giga-projects that are being developed by Saudi Arabia. Part of the Saudi Vision 2030, Neom is located in Tabuk, a city located in the northwest region of the country. It features beautiful beaches and a modern cityscape. As per experts’ estimates, the project will be a major contributor to the Kingdom’s economy in the future. This $500 billion project is planned along the coastline.

2. The Red Sea Project

Envisioned as part of the Saudi Vision 2030, this project aims to advance the Saudi tourism industry. The Red Sea Project comprises of multiple luxurious hotels located on beautiful islands. This project aims to conserve the natural landscape and wildlife of the islands along with providing an exciting and luxurious visitor experience.

3. Qiddiya

Another giga-project that is a part of the Saudi Vision 2030, Qiddiya is a unique combination of sports, entertainment and culture. It is planned to be built 40 kilometres from Riyadh. This magnificent project will feature hotels, a grand theme park and a lot of entertainment venues for the visitors.

4. Amaala

Located alongside the Red Sea project and Neom, Amaala would contribute to the Saudi economy and boost its tourism sector. It is planned to have its own airport and numerous luxurious hotels and villas along with leisure and entertainment opportunities for the visitors.

5. Sharaan Resort

Located in Al-Ula, Sharaan Resort will focus on conserving the natural landscapes and scenic desert beauty of Saudi Arabia. It has been designed by famous French architect Jean Nouvel. This resort will offer lavish and comfortable suites along with a spa and a dedicated spot for discussions and meetings.

6. Expansion of Makkah Grand Mosque

This construction project focuses on accommodating more worshippers in the Makkah Grand Mosque by providing an area that can fit about 300,000 people. It will improve the safety, hygiene and water networks of the Grand Mosque. This expansion is expected to be completed by 2020. It will also feature a modern sound system equipped with headphones that will enhance the worshippers experience inside the mosque.

7. Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower is a skyscraper currently under construction with more than 200 planned floors. It will feature a large number of luxurious hotels, residencies and apartments along with a huge parking area and about 60 elevators. The tower is expected to be about 1 km tall.

8. Sakani Homes

This project aims to increase the home ownership of Saudi citizens. Initiated by the Ministry of Housing, this project will feature over 500,000 homes for the residents of Saudi Arabia.

9. Jabal Omar

This is one of the biggest ongoing construction projects in Saudi Arabia. It features 8 phases comprising of multiple towers. These towers will house numerous hotels and apartments. It will serve to be a major tourist accommodation site. 

10. Al Widyan

Al Widyan is an upcoming smart city located near Riyadh. It focuses on the development of real estate in Saudi Arabia and plans to provide a lot of opportunities for the locals.

11. Riyadh Metro

This mass transit project is one of the major constructions taking place in the Kingdom. It has been assigned a budget of $23 billion and trains have been imported from France. It is expected to complete by 2021 and a soft launch of this project is scheduled to take place in 2019.

12. Riyadh Rapid Bus Transit System

A rapid bus transit system is also being planned to facilitate mass transit. It features a network of 22 bus lines that will allow buses to run in residential areas of the city. To create a comfortable environment for the passenger, the buses will be equipped with a modern air conditioning system and insulated windows that will protect the passengers from the scorching sun rays.

13. Expansion of King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City is a project that focuses on healthcare. A large number of laboratories and medical centres have opened to facilitate the citizens. The expansion project includes a cancer treatment centre, a neuroscience department, a multi-level laboratory, a modern cardiovascular department, and an energy plant.

14. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Medical Complexes

This healthcare project aims to build medical cities in Jeddah and Riyadh. These medical cities will feature hospitals, research centres as well as mental health and gynaecology facilities for the Saudi security forces. The construction work is in process and is expected to complete soon.

15. Spark

Launched in the end of 2018, King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) is one of the many expensive projects of Saudi Arabia. It will provide job opportunities for many people in the Kingdom and contribute to its economy. It is one of Saudi Aramco’s projects that will feature a manufacturing facility, well-drilling area and a dry port. According to Saudi Aramco, SPARK was more than 50% complete at the time of its launch.  

16. Saudi Aramco’s Oilfields

The Marjan and Berri oilfields will strengthen the oil production system in Saudi Arabia. The Italian company Saipem was given two major offshore projects worth 1.3 billion dollars for these oilfields. Along with Saipem, the development at Marjan oilfield will be carried out by Baker Hughes GE, the famous Houston-based engineering services.

17. Solar Projects

As per Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom will now focus on renewable energy sources. Solar energy projects are on the rise in Saudi Arabia. Along with local companies, many international organizations have taken part in Saudi solar projects. China and Japan are major investors for these projects.

18. Wind Energy Project

The Kingdom’s first wind energy project will be initiated in the Dumat Al Jandal area present in Al Jouf. This wind power plant will generate 400 MW of energy for the country.

19. PIB Plant Project

Polyisobutylene (PIB) is a synthetic rubber used as a manufacturing material. The Kingdom’s first PIB plant is being constructed by a Korean company. The project will reach completion in 2024 and produce over 70,000 tonnes of PIB.

20. Chinese Bottle Manufacturing

A $1 billion worth bottle manufacturing plant will be constructed in Jazan by China’s top bottling company. Pan-Asia Pet Resin supplies bottles to beverage giants Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Watson’s and Master Kong. This project will prove to be the Chinese industry’s first step in Saudi Arabia.