ParadropVR™ Opens to Positive Reviews at iFLY Basingstoke as British Army Paratroopers Relished the Immersive Experience

ParadropVR™ Opens to Positive Reviews at iFLY Basingstoke as British Army Paratroopers Relished the Immersive Experience

Posted by: Frontgrid

ParadropVR™ Opens to Positive Reviews at iFLY Ba

The British army paratroopers dropped by for an adrenaline pumping virtual paragliding experience with the ParadropVR™ at the iFLY Basingstoke this last month. The event had opened to great fanfare in November last year. The team of army paratroopers, which goes by the name of red devils, thoroughly enjoyed the amalgamation of realistic manoeuvre control, a free world virtual reality and a skill based game. They ended up giving the new facility solid thumbs up.

iFLY Revolutionising Indoor Adventure Sports

iFLY is the world’s largest indoor skydiving facility. The general manager of the iFLY Basingstoke facility was delighted with the response they’ve had with the ParadropVR™ virtual freefalling installation and how it expands the range of offerings in indoor adventure sports.

iFLY boast an average satisfaction score of a 95% and all three of its facilities have secured a trip advisor certificate of excellence for 2018. The paraflight virtual reality facility is only available at the iFLY Basingstoke facility at the moment. But plans are underway to introduce it to the Milton and Manchester venues.

ParadropVR™ and iFLY

ParadropVR™ is a product of Frontgrid limited, a global adventure entertainment solutions provider. Following a deal with iFLY, two of its virtual reality paragliding simulators were installed in the iFLY Basingstoke facility.

They’ve been fully customized and made to fit in with the rest of iFLY’s range of offerings. This is a fairly new idea in indoor adventure sports. The first ParadropVR™ VR opened in Denmark in the spring of 2018.

How It Works

It provides an adrenaline gushing experience for all ages in an absolutely safe and secure environment indoors. It combines the liberating experience of paragliding and free falling for amateur kids and professional paratroopers alike. The spectator twist allows your friends and family to immerse and become part of the experience.

The Market Prospects

There’s been a surge in demand for simulated reality adventure sports and entertainment that incorporates realistic features and feel of activities such as the skill-based manoeuvring capability that the ParadropVR™ affords.

The spectator side to this activity has been a promising feature which seems to encourage bystanders and onlookers to experience the extreme adventure simulation themselves. The promising market prospects have led to it opening in 3 locations since last year, when it was first launched, and there are more planned locations in the pipeline.  

To find out more about ParadropVR™ and iFLY, please visit their members page.