Qatar’s New Tourist Attraction Is Finally About to Open

Qatar’s New Tourist Attraction Is Finally About to Open

National Museum of Qatar

Qatar’s exciting new museum is finally about to open on 28th March, 2019. Located on the Corniche of Qatar’s capital city Doha, the building is smartly designed by the famous and talented French architect Jean Nouvel. The building design is strongly inspired by the rose found in Qatar’s deserts. It is a combination of several disc-shaped structures beautifully joined together. The museum building will serve as a major tourist attraction in the future because of its unique architecture.

The museum will showcase Qatar’s evolution through 3 stages—the rich history of the desert landscape, the events that led to the development of Qatar as a modern state and the country’s thriving present.

The National Museum of Qatar will have 11 galleries that will focus on showcasing Qatar’s history and the development that took place over the past years. Qatar’s history began about 700 million years back when the Arabian Peninsula started to develop.

In the 19th century, Qatar gained importance in the eyes of the British when it became a part of their trading map. Back then, the British stopped at Zubarah, a coastal city of Qatar while they travelled to the Indian subcontinent. Today, the fort of Zubarah is a famous UNESCO World Heritage site that many tourists visit to know more about the rich history of Qatar.

The National Museum of Qatar showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage through many artefacts and historical pieces of art. One such artefact is Baroda’s Pearl Carpet which is embedded with over 1.5 million pearls and other precious stones including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. This precious work of art has been preserved since the 19th century.

The discovery of oil in Qatar holds great importance in Qatar’s development today. The discovery of oil served to be very useful for the country and helped it develop its economy significantly. The museum will cover this aspect through a showcase of various artistic works. Karen Exell, the Senior Museum Development Specialist is careful not to spill too much information about the museum.  She said that the museum focuses on enlightening the new Qatari generation about their past and how the present Qatari lifestyle came into being.

The museum will showcase different works of art made by international and local artists. Their artwork will depict their perspective of Qatar. The museum’s theme is to show Qatar’s global perspective and these contributions from artists all around the world will help fulfil this exciting theme.  

The museum will use interesting videos and pictures to showcase Qatar’s history, and the enchanting fragrance of Oudh will help the visitors immerse themselves into Qatar’s culture. The scent of oil, coffee, and gunpowder will also be used in the museum.

The museum will also feature restaurants, cafes, and a shop. Along with that, it also features an auditorium which can accommodate up to 220 people at a time. It is also said that the museum will have 114 fountains that will reflect Arabic calligraphy through the numerous water streams.

Qatar will find a new place in the world with the opening of the grand museum in its capital city. The exotic work of art that will soon be showcased is definitely worth the wait.