National Art Gallery of Ireland and ATS: A Collaboration for Art

National Art Gallery of Ireland and ATS: A Collaboration for Art

Posted by: ATS Heritage

ATS Heritage goes international with National Gallery of Ireland

ATS is privileged to provide the Audio/Multimedia guidance for National Gallery of Ireland (NGI), heaven for art lovers.

NGI quenches the thirst of approximately a million art seekers every year. It takes pride in exhibiting an art collection that permanently adorns its premises. It also organises temporary art collection displays, which tend to always capture imaginations.

The incorporation of ATS’s services will enhance the visitors’ experience substantially as the multimedia induction will assist them in exploring the museums and galleries on their own. These tours coupled with high-quality audio will further bring a charm to the exploration. We are sure that it will add to the experience of the visitors.  ATS takes pride in providing top-notch services to its customers which are not limited to multimedia and audio provision either. In fact, the services span over various areas including script-writing and content development.

ATS will provide software to capture precious feedback of customers, and use it to improve the system. It will also provide devices that will be placed on the site. These devices demonstrate ATS’s commitment to excellent service provision and will give support to NGI after the completion of the project.

ATS is looking forward to working with an organisation acclaimed in the domain of art. The services provided will assist visitors in discovering every corner of this art paradise. It will provide language tours and make NGI more accessible.

The partnership between the two will commence with the iconic Canaletto exhibition. ATS will provide a multimedia tour to the visitors of this temporary show. The exhibition will present a chance to appreciate the exquisite eighteenth-century Venetian works belonging to the United Kingdom’s Royal collection. The visitors will have a chance to witness these historical pieces from 5th December, 2018 to 24th March, 2019.

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