ATS Heritage to Develop Multimedia Tours for Sandringham Estate

ATS Heritage to Develop Multimedia Tours for Sandringham Estate

Posted by: ATS Heritage

A Royal flush for ATS Heritage

ATS Heritage has been recently appointed to develop rich multimedia guided tours for visitors exploring the Norfolk retreat of Her Majesty the Queen. The Sandringham House is a private home to the Queen and is located on a 20,000-acre estate within the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Beauty. The Sandringham Estate will be another regal addition to the ATS Heritage portfolio which already includes royal palaces and retreats like the Balmoral Castle, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Starting with the upcoming season, The Sandringham Estate will offer handheld devices to tourists to add an interactive dimension to the tour. These handheld devices will offer a fascinating glimpse into the rich history of the regal estate via archive images, films and audio files. The rich immersive multi-media content will bring history to life, thereby enhancing visitor experience.  

The production team will develop multimedia content to compliment the visitor’s interaction with the knowledgeable staff at Sandringham. This approach will involve gradual access to stories on the handheld device. It’s hoped that visitors will be moved to ask relevant questions that will be proficiently addressed by the staff. This strategy will augment visitor-staff engagement and make the intriguing tour even more vibrant.

Garry Marsden, the Visitor Services Manager, expressed his delight at working ATS Heritage again. He expressed confidence in the effectiveness of multimedia guided tours since they have been proven to add value for visitors and increase time spent. 

The expert production team of ATS Heritage collaborates with only the most erudite historians and talented writers to develop award-winning content. The producers, project managers and scriptwriters regularly engage with clients, historians and researchers to deliver the most vivid and fascinating interpretations of historical accounts. The software arm of the organization develops cost-effective solutions that have an intuitive easy-to-use interface for the convenience of visitors.

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