Architectural Prowess of Award Winning Designer Es Devlin to Be Seen at the UK Pavilion

Architectural Prowess of Award Winning Designer Es Devlin to Be Seen at the UK Pavilion

UK Expo Pavillion

Es Devlin OBE is designing the UK Pavilion which will form the centre stage to exhibit the UK’s innovative expertise in space technology and artificial intelligence at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The UK government’s presence will be led by The Department for International Trade which will work in unison with other public bodies to orchestrate a successful exhibition. The premier brand agency Avantgarde are constructing the UK Pavilion. 

The Expo’s significance is highlighted by the projected influx of 25 million visitors over the course of six months extending from October to April during 2020. International Expos bolster prestige and augment soft image by affording the UK an opportunity to reach out to millions of people worldwide. Greater tourism, growing commerce and higher foreign direct investments are among the more tangible benefits extended by global Expos to the UK.

Explaining the inspiration for the UK Pavillion, Es Devlin explained that the concept materialized from the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s ‘Breakthrough Message’; a worldwide competition devised by the professor and his fellow scientists to select the message that should be conveyed on behalf of humanity to extraterrestrials should they ever be encountered.

Dr Liam Fox MP, the International Trade Secretary, proclaimed that the innovative design proposals for the UK Pavilion will present the pinnacle of British artistic and technological finesse to an international audience. He further stated the huge opportunities that the Expo presents by pointing out that over the course of six months the International Economic Department will interact with over 25 million visitors – a massive pool of potential buyers for UK goods and services, partners of British firms, students for universities and tourists for cities in the British Isles. He spoke about the competitive bidding process for design of the UK Pavilion and expressed his regards for firms that vied for the multi million pound design contract.

Dr Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, Executive Director of the Dubai Expo Bureau, expressed his admiration for the compelling design and wished for more pavilion designs to follow suit. He said that the prime motivation behind the global Expo is Dubai’s focus on inspiring individuals and societies to synthesize innovative opportunities and build a better future. He considers the upcoming British Pavilion to be an ‘intriguing platform’ that will help individuals to discover cutting-edge innovations in artificial intelligence and space technology which is in line with the Dubai Expo 2020’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.’  

The highly regarded ES Devlin is renowned for crafting digital powered structures that merge cutting-edge technology with exquisite fine art. Her interactive luminous Fifth Lion Sculpture that remarkably blazed forth AI-generated poetry was displayed in Trafalgar Square. This piece brought her to the forefront of architectural eminence. Other prominent architectural marvels include the ‘Singing Tree’ which merged sound and light technology with machine learning (drawing over ten million visitors during the 2017 Christmas Season) and the ‘Mirrormaze’ which produced enormous queues in Peckham during 2016.  She is the recipient of several accolades including the OBE, UAL fellowship, the London Design Medal and three Olivier Awards.