BECK Delivers in Asia, Once Again!

BECK Delivers in Asia, Once Again!

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Sultan of Brunei’s Islamic Museum

Brunei is celebrating its Islamic heritage with the delivery of a new museum called the Balai Pameran Islam Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (BPIS) Museum also known as Sultan of Brunei’s Islamic Museum.

BECK, a UK based company, was commissioned to help bring this museum to life for the Sultan of Brunei, His Majesty Hassanal Bolkiah’s birthday. The stat-of-the art museum will hold a collection of 1,000 Islamic artefacts ranging from His Majesty’s personal collection of handwritten Al-Qurans to exquisite walking sticks, prayer beads and much more dating back to the late 19th century.

The museum, designed by the world renowned architect, Pei Partnership and Jasper Jacob Associates, covers a total of 3,150 sqm including ancillary areas. These ancillary areas include temporary exhibition galleries which display 29 themes from the development of Islam in the Sultanate to others about various facets of the religion. This area also includes a bookstore and a refreshment area for visitors from all around the world. The museum also holds a state-of-the-art research centre in the basements, which is equipped with highly specialized laboratory equipment for accessioning, digital imaging, quarantine treatments (fumigation, etc.) and conservation.

BECK was brought in for content production and design development from the initial stages of the project till completion. BECK’s involvement ranged from producing and setting up conserved showcases, audio/visual hardware, set works, replicas, architectural models, plinths, mounts, special equipment, loose furniture along with the programming of the multimedia production content. This covered all of the technical development, prototyping, sampling, management and fabrication of the previously mentioned packages for the museum.


Due to the high stress placed on collecting all the artefacts housed throughout Brunei and displaying them in this new museum, BECK worked diligently to cater to that need as effectively as possible. To accommodate this large number of complex artefacts, BECK alongside with its specialist mount maker worked tirelessly to assist with a full architect survey and provided logistical help to move and place large and special pieces. With the logistics taken care of each mount was then bespoke-fabricated to suit the individual artefacts.   

The challenging and complex project was finally delivered with the upmost care and dedication from all teams involved. Soon this one-of-a-kind museum will be recognised world over, setting new standards for others to follow.

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