Simworx to showcase an array of immersive technologies at EAS 2018

Simworx to showcase an array of immersive technologies at EAS 2018

Posted by: SIMWORX

The Simworx Immersive Tunnel at  Parc Spirou, France

UK-based Simworx designs and manufactures a range of media-based attractions for theme parks, visitor attractions and FECs around the world and will be promoting these products at EAS 2018 from booth 1-1031.

The company’s latest innovations include its AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) dark rides which take the genre to whole new levels. They offer a trackless transportation system with an acceleration that is unrivaled within the industry and are available with a variety of different motion systems, seating capacities and on-board 4D effects. Riders can also experience 3DOF along with forward and sideways movement and 360° rotation.

Within the Simworx range of simulator products, the Immersive Adventurer  is a new high tech, immersive simulator ride that seats 16 people, with 3DOF motion and screens positioned all around the inside of the vehicle, including the roof, to create a window effect with the action taking place outside.

Another new addition to the range is the 4DVR seat. Featuring left-right tilt, forward-backward tilt, drop and air blast/wind effects, 4DVR enables guests to experience unique motion during a movie being played on VR headsets.

The Mini Flying Theatre is yet another ride Simworx has recently introduced, as is ParadropVR, a world first product developed by Simworx on behalf of Frontgrid, who will be marketing the attraction. ParadropVR is an immersive, virtual reality product featuring integrated gamification which allows the user to fully control the game play and movement. ParadropVR provides a truly immersive VR experience that simulates flying a paraglider.

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