Exports galore for leisure manufacturer and supply company Severn Lamb

Exports galore for leisure manufacturer and supply company Severn Lamb

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Exports galore for leisure manufacturer and supply

Established in 1947, Severn Lamb have led the world in the manufacture and supply of leisure, resort and amusement transport for over 70 years. Severn Lamb offer a wide of range of people movers including rail trains, trams, trolleys and funiculars- all available with a choice of diesel or battery- electric power units, modern Ultra Light Rail solutions, trackless/ rubber tyred land trains, period replica vehicles including single and double deck omnibuses, monorails and special purpose vehicles including the company’s popular Adventure Truck. In addition, Severn Lamb also offer a range of engineering services including track and infrastructure supply and installation,  fabrication and contract manufacturing, design and ride maintenance and refurbishment.

Recent projects for Severn Lamb include the design and manufacture of the bespoke ‘TUA Express’ rail train for a heritage railway in Portugal and three battery-electric Texan rail trains for the new Haichang Polar Ocean World park in Shanghai, China. The Haichang Texan trains have been specially modified to run on an elevated track with a number of significant gradients around the parks ‘Ice Mountain’ centrepiece.

Additionally, Suzhou Amusement Land in China which has been operating two of Severn Lamb’s Lincoln rail trains since 1996 will soon take delivery of two further Lincoln rail trains for their new Forest Park and Severn Lamb have also recently signed a contract to supply a new Texan rail train to the Weifang Fu-wah amusement park in China. It’s also full steam ahead with the build of four of the company’s beautiful period tracked trolleys and the associated track and infrastructure for a new development in Egypt which are due to be commissioned in early 2019.

Severn Lamb have also been awarded contracts to supply their SL Land Train to a park and zoo in Qatar and to the UK’s National Railway Museum.

Meet with Severn Lamb representatives on booth 1-1614 at the Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam to find out more, or contact then through their members page.