UK Senior Arts Delegation heads to Argentina

UK Senior Arts Delegation heads to Argentina

Delegates with Minister Angel Mahler and Teresa Riccardi, Director of Sivori Museum

The first delegation of it’s kind took place a few months ago, with leading representatives from the UK performing arts, design and creative industries travelling to Argentina to explore taking the cultural exchange between the two countries to the next level.

The visit was planned to coincide with FIBA (the international theatre festival), MICA (cultural industries market) and Trimarchi, the design festival in Mar del Plata. It provided an opportunity to connect with senior stakeholders and partners visiting from Chile (Country of Honour at MICA) and Uruguay.

It is more than clear that now is a good time to build on the strong multi-disciplinary arts programme and the broad network of contacts that have been developed over the last few years by the Arts team at British Council in Argentina and colleagues in the UK.

There is senior interest in increasing cultural collaboration between the UK and Argentina with strong support from both Embassies.

It is an interesting moment of change in the museum and heritage sector in Argentina with seven new museum directors appointed in the past year and a further 10 new museum appointments to follow. The British Council has been working with the Secretary of Museums and Heritage, Marcelo Panozzo, on a joint programme of capacity building. The Ministry is keen to take a more progressive approach. Particular areas of interest for are:

  • Fundraising/diversifying income
  • Exhibition design/curating
  • Audience development

A full report of the trip, included detailed analysis, outlines of future actions, and key contacts can be found here.

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