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7thSense Design Ltd World class media serving

7thSense Design Ltd

7thSense Design Ltd are experts in high quality Audio-Visual media serving for visitor attractions, 3D theatres, full domes and theme park dark rides. Our multi award-winning Delta Media Server is installed worldwide in hundreds of attractions, providing high quality uncompressed media playback at high resolution onto any shaped screen including flat panel arrays, curved screens, full dome and even 3D formed screen shapes. Our products are based on standard PC hardware, using the extreme performance available today to provide multi-channel uncompressed HD, 4k and 8k playback, real-time special effects, distortion correction and edge blending. Recent installations and live events illustrate the wide range of applications. These include the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre, multiple theme park dark rides in Orlando, Osaka and Hollywood, New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, Sega Orbi Exhibit, Yokohama, Audi A3 launch event, Madrid and Museum of the Olympics, Lausanne.

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