Ride And Realm inspires the next generation of theme parks

Ride And Realm inspires the next generation of theme parks

Posted by: Holovis

Holovis presents Ride And Realm

Ride and Realm gives guests the tools to be able to choose their own adventure then personalises the experiences they have based on these interactions. It begins with a media based attraction that immerses people into the heart of a story and uses on-board interactive technology to put the control in guest’s hands. As they leave the ride, guests download an app to extend the narrative into the park, solving puzzles and unlocking achievements, before returning to the starting point, where the experience in the dark ride will have evolved to reflect their progress.

The solution uses real-time technology to present a multi variant ride experience, depending on the achievements of each individual. New media scenes and game play opportunities are unlocked as people achieve pre-set goals.

Proximity beacons, geofencing and WIFI triangulation allows players to navigate the attraction space using a live, digital map. Clues to guide guests on the scavenger hunt and help them level up can be unlocked in a number of ways, from using Augmented Reality to engagements with live actors, on-screen mini games, interaction with park wide digital signage and through achievements that can be logged, such as ride other attractions.

Ride and Realm presents a near limitless experiential attraction that is always different and truly re-ridable. Whatever you do within the ride or across the park has a real-time impact into the adventure that unfolds before you. This is more than just gamification and non-linearity; this is letting people determine their own destiny whilst being at the heart of a multidimensional, compelling narrative.

We see this concept expanding so that all park wide media, both on and off rides, react differently for every individual, depending on where they are in their game and evolving storyline. This is a true revolution in theme park wide personalisation.

The experience can be extended even further to beyond the park, with games and tasks people can complete at home, meaning the in-park narratives will have changed again when they next visit.

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