Blog: Ich Bin ein Berliner

Blog: Ich Bin ein Berliner

EAS Berlin

My first visit to Germany took me to Berlin - famous for ‘that’ gate, ‘that’ speech, and … jam filled-pastries (a.k.a. ‘Berliners’). Despite the daily taxi journeys to and from the Messe Exhibition Centre, venue of this year’s IAAPA Euro Attractions Show (EAS), I was disappointed not to catch a glimpse of the Brandenburg Gate, instead having to settle for a view of the less famous, but still impressive, Victory Monument – which has stood in Berlin since 1873, not just following Mrs Merkel’s historic fourth election win a few days earlier, campaign posters for which still lined all the streets. 

My time at EAS was mainly spent trying to meet as many of the various UK exhibitors that were spread across the six halls which this year’s Show occupied as possible. The Show was busy throughout the time I was there and all the exhibitors I spoke to seemed pleased with the number of visitors/enquiries on their respective stands...even if this meant some had already lost their voice before the end of the first day! As many commented, their presence at the Show, like at other such events, was more about being seen to be there and reinforcing existing client relationships rather than hard sales, though I hope, of course, that the orders will follow for all. That said, one UK company told me their order books were already full before the Show and they couldn’t accept any more orders for at least another 9 months…no doubt their clients know that, like all good things which take 9 months to gestate, the final product will be well worth waiting for.   

In between ‘walking the floor’, I also attended a few conference sessions and heard a handful of extremely informative, if not necessarily ‘stirring’ presentations (JFK is a hard act to follow – even for the attractions industry!) about current trends in the sector and how to create memorable immersive experiences.  

I left without having sampled a ‘Berliner’ but with a great taste for the Show and look forward to seeing many of the UK companies I met again at IAAPA in Orlando next month. Spaces on the DIT stand are available for those still thinking about attending …but won’t be for long! (

Auf Wiedersehen!

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