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We create realistic 3D replicas of physical assets using our...

Victoria and Albert Museum

The V&A is one of the world’s great museums, housing a vast...

RoboCoaster Ltd.

RoboCoaster Ltd delivers a variety of high technology attractions...

UK Loco Ltd

It is widely thought that ability, experience and energy are the...

News from the Directory The latest news from our members

  • Artem recently designed and built the iconic glass dome for the return of The Crystal Maze. The Crystal Maze Immersive Experience
    4th Jan 2017

    Artem recently designed and built the iconic glass dome for the return of The Crystal Maze.

  •  'Machine of Wonder 'Machine of Wonder' for Turner Prize Celebrations
    4th Jan 2017

    Glasgow Life/Tramway Museum asked Artem to build a 'Machine of Wonder' - a colourful, exciting, oversized machine that would be on public display throughout the time that the Turner Prize celebrations were being held in Glasgow, October 2015 – January 2016.


Latest from Experience UK Updates from Experience UK & DIT

  • TiLEzone 12th TiLEzone London on 23rd March 2017
    12th Feb 2017

    You are invited to register for the 12th TiLEzone London at the London Transport Museum on Thursday 23rd March, with a Networking Reception at KidZania London for speakers, sponsors and registered paying delegates. This TiLEzone is supported by the Department for International Trade (DIT - formerly UKTI).

  • MET Studio - Hong Kong Wetland Park Best of UK Design in Hong Kong & Macau
    12th Feb 2017

    On Tuesday 21st February there will be a "TiLE Best of UK Design for the Experience Economy" seminar, and Reception, at the British Consulate in Hong Kong and the seminar will be repeated in Macau on Thursday 23rd February. The seminars will promote UK design and are being organised by Andrich International Ltd (TiLE), who are responsible for recruiting the speakers and organising the seminar programme. This is a Department of International Trade (DIT - formerly UKTI) funded initiative.


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