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onedotzero Limited

onedotzero is an independent experience agency creating distinctive...

Integrex Ltd

Integrex is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of innovative,...

RFA Design (Richard Fowler Associates Ltd)

Formed in 1994, RFA is an established, award-winning,...

Land Design Studio

Land Design Studio are award winning experiential designers working...

Latest from Experience UK Updates from Experience UK & DIT

  • The 13th TiLEzone London takes place on 13th March 2018 13th TiLEzone London announces spectacular speaker line-up
    20th Feb 2018

    The Creative Development Manager for Eden Development, the Head of Experience Economy for the Department for International Trade and the Chief Executive of Creative Scotland are just three of the...

  • British Prime Minster Theresa May with Chinese Li Keqiang Golden 'era’ of relations with China
    20th Feb 2018

    Teresa May’s recent three-day trade mission to China resulted in deals worth more than 9.3 billion pounds, which will create over 2,500 jobs across the UK. Trade between Britain and China last...


News from the Directory The latest news from our members

  • The Edge of the World Filming in Saudi Arabia
    19th Jan 2018

    A team from Yoho Media is Just back from a fantastic 10-day shoot Saudi Arabia, working with the Riyadh Development Authority on a documentary film about Wadi Hanifa, a 200km long river valley which has been transformed into one of the world's longest, urban parks and will soon be integrated into Saudi Arabia's first National Park, a vast, protected area to the West of the city.

  • Holovis presents Ride And Realm Ride And Realm inspires the next generation of theme parks
    10th Jan 2018

    Holovis presents Ride And Realm; a patent pending attraction concept that harnesses the company's unique expertise with real-time media to create truly personalised experiences for each guest.


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